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Life Line is the quarterly newsletter of the Chiniot General Hospital (CGH). Life Line is the only newsletter to be of such high standard and print quality. It is recognised as one of the better sources of information of the Health.

APR-JUN 2023
➤ CGH Expansion Project
➤ Expanding Our Facilities into 4 New Blocks
➤ From 175 Beds to 250 Beds
➤ A Generous Contribution of Rs.100 million in Welfare
➤ TUC Shop Inauguration
➤ A Special Day, Welcoming Mr. Faisal Edhi
➤ Non-Invasive Ventilation Training
➤ Nursing Day Celebration
➤ CGH Pharmacy Inauguration
➤ Issued Appreciation Certificates to the Employee
➤ List of CGH Consultant's

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