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Our recruitment is based on competencies or sets of behaviors, skills and knowledge and will focus on finding the best people for the available jobs. The selection process may involve several stages. If you meet the requirements you will be required to attend an interview and perhaps complete some personality tests. The interview will be about you and your experience. You will be asked for examples of how you behave in different situations drawing on examples from work, university or your personal life. Chiniot General Hospital is a State-of-the-art, Not for Profit, General Health Care Center with a capacity of over 160 beds, accessible to the public at a very minimal cost. Backed by a team of local and expatriate professionals, the hospital aims to provide specialized medical care in accordance with best possible practices with an emphasis on quality healthcare. The hospital requires:

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Deputy Medical Director

Full Time/Permanent

Chiniot General Hospital Karachi

Apply Before 09 Oct 2023